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Bulk Soil Mixes

Bulk soils and soil mixes in stock are available by the cubic yard or cubic foot! Find out what's in stock.
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Topsoil and Sand

Viragrow Topsoil                                          Available by the cubic yard or cubic foot   

Viragrow Topsoil is a recycled soil from the conversion of lawns to Xeriscapes or Desert Landscapes. Viragrow Topsoil is a blend of native desert soils with an organic matter content typically from 2 to 3%. It is far superior to manufactured "topsoil" sold locally  or "fill" used for elevation changes or landscape "sculpting".

Use in:
  • Landscape elevation changes
  • Landscape sculpting
  • Grade changes
  • High quality fill

Washed Silica Sand                                    Available by the cubic yard or cubic foot

Silica sand is not reject sand. This is the sand used in all of Viragrow's soil mixes.

Soil Mixes

Viragrow Cactus Soil Mix                                  

Viragrow Cactus Soil Mix is a ready-to-use blend available for decades in Las Vegas for containerizing, potting and growing cacti and many other desert succulents. It is a blend of composted ground wood chips, peat moss, vermiculite, silica sand, perlite, kelp meal, pumice and composted poultry manure. Use with our Cactus Juice fertilizer.

Use in:

  • Containers for cacti and succulents
  • Rock Gardens
  • Desert Landscapes
  • Cactus gardens
  • Cactus Production

Viragrow Garden Soil Mix                        Available by the cubic yard or cubic foot

Viragrow’s Garden Soil Mix is a blend of Viragrow Compost (75%) and silica sand (25%). It is our most popular budget soil mix for all landscape and garden projects. This soil mix can be used to develop your own home made soil mix or let us help you develop one.

Use in:

  • Planter Boxes
  • Containers
  • Planting mixes
  • Gardens
  • Lawns
  • Topdressing

Viragrow Grower’s Blend Soil Mix                   

Viragrow Grower’s Mix is a cost-effective coarse blend of unscreened Viragrow Compost (33.3%), 1/4 inch minus natural forest products (33.3%) and silica sand (33.3 %). Viragrow's Grower Soil Mix is specially formulated for improved soil aeration, light weight and excellent drainage properties in commercial plant production.

Use in:

  • Containers Gardens
  • Potted Plants
  • Growing Beds
  • Commercial Nursery Production

Viragrow Potting Soil Mix                             

Viragrow’s Potting Soil Mix is an enriched blend developed for potting and repotting large container plants. Virgrow Potting Soil Mix was specifically designed to minimize weight.  It contains composted natural forest products, Viragrow Compost, silica sand, vermiculite, rock dust, peat moss, kelp meal, pumice, perlite, soil-based microbial inoculation and screened to ¼ inch minus.

Use in:

  • Container Trees
  • Rooftop Gardens
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Window Boxes
  • Potted Plants
  • Commercial Container Production

Custom Soil Mixes

Viragrow makes custom soil mixes such as Tomato Lady,  Premium Garden and Rejuvenate by adding amemdments like kelp meal, peat moss, recycled forest products, perlite, rock dust, vermiculite or pumice. Substitute BF Compost in any of our custom soil mixes for an additional $10 per cubic yard with a 5 cubic yard minimum order.

Didn't see what you like? Make your own custom soil mix using our amendments or yours. 

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Viragrow Delivers!

Viragrow Premium Garden Soil Mix 
Available by the cubic yard or cubic foot

Viragrow Premium Garden Soil Mix Soil is a high quality soil mix for the planting of tomatoes, vegetables and herbs. Viragrow Premium Garden Soil was developed for improved aeration, water drainage and nutrient supply. Viragrow's Premium Garden Soil Mix is an enhanced blend of our Garden Soil Mix and contains kelp meal, seaweed extract, humic acid, organic nitrogen and screened to 1/8 inch minus.

Use in:

  • Vegetable gardens
  • Raised beds
  • Container vegetables and herbs

Rejuvenate© Soil Mix                     Available by the cubic yard or cubic foot

Rejuvenate Soil Mix was formulated by our consultant, Bob Morris, as a soil additive for formerly productive soils in aged raised beds, planter beds and containers. It can also be used alone as a high quality soil mix. Rejuvenate can be incorporated into an existing soil or applied to the surface as a mulch. Rejuvenate contains compost, silica sand, kelp meal, rock dust, clinoptilite, gypsum, organic wetting agent derived from agave, nitrogen enhanced, screened to ¼ inch minus.

Use in:

  • Raised Beds
  • Planter Beds
  • Container Trees
  • Containers Gardens
  • Lawns
  • Mulch

Tomato Lady Soil Mix                                   Available only in cubic yard quantities

Tomato Lady Soil Mix developed by Leslie Doyle for the planting of tomatoes and vegetables. Tomato Lady Soil Mix is a nutrient-fortified blend of Viragrow Compost, silica sand, wood chips, kelp meal, seaweed extract, humic acid, organic nitrogen and screened to 1/8 inch minus.

Use in:

  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Raised Beds
  • Container Vegetables

Bagged Soils & Soil Mixes
These are soil mixes in a bag formulated to do different jobs around the garden or landscape. They contain compost, silica sand and soil amendments for different purposes. Soil mixes are ready-to-use for repairing low spots in the ground, containers, establishing raised beds, growing vegetables, herbs, ornamentals like roses, flower beds and many others.

Garden Gourmet Top Soil            1 cubic foot                                       

Sandy loam soil blended with milled and screened native forest products.


Garden Gourmet Top Soil is a low cost but high quality solution for filling low spots and bringing landscapes and planting areas up to grade. It contains a blend of soil with good drainage properties with organic matter for water retention and to stimulate soil microbial activity. Use it for building your own soil mix for specialized planting areas.


Use in:

  • filling low spots intended for future planting
  • filling holes left when trees or shrubs are removed
  • filling irrigation trenches after excavating
  • bringing soils around sprinkler heads up to grade
  • topdressing



Wet the area to be filled to encourage soil settling and removal of air pockets. Add Garden Gourmet Top Soil to to the area to be filled. Add water to the area at the same time Garden Gourmet Top Soil is added making a slurry. Allow to drain for one hour. Reapply in the same manner until soil grade is met. Area can be planted or seeded immediately afterwards with no worries about plant damage.

Garden Gourmet Planter Mix       1 cubic foot                                          

Milled and screened native forest products, sphagnum peat moss and leaf mold


Garden Gourmet Planter Mix is formulated for the planting of trees, shrubs, groundcovers, vines, grapes, brambles and fruit trees. Garden Gourmet Planter Mix can be used for filling planting holes directly or mixed with the native soil. Garden Gourmet Planter Mix improves the drainage of water from soils used for planting and also retains water for plant use. It improves soil aeration, reduces transplant shock and improves plant root growth.


Use in:

  • Backfilling ornamental trees, shrubs, groundcovers and vines including desert plants during planting
  • Planter beds for annuals and perennials
  • Backfilling bareroot and container fruit trees during planting
  • Planting woody plants in containers where weight is not a limiting factor



Planting holes should be dug three times the width of the container or root spread. Holes should be dug deep enough for the rootball or root spread without bending the roots. Holes do not have to be dug deeper than the rootball unless a drainage problem has been identified. Garden Gourmet Planter Mix can be used in the planter hole straight or amended with soil taken from the backfill in a 1:1 ratio. Add water to the planting hole at the same time the Planter Mix is added making a slurry that flows around and through plant roots. Stake trees and shrubs the first season of growth to prevent root movement.

Red Star Mix & Mulch Planting Mix      2 cubic foot                             

Screened forest products, peat moss, leaf mold and gypsite

Planting mix that is light enough to use as a mulch. Adds porosity and friability to heavy soils and moisture retention for sandy soils. Mix with backfill for planting. Apply to the soil surface after planting.

Use in:

  • Amending soils for planting of trees and shrubs
  • Mulching the soil after planting for weed control and soil moisture retention

Garden Gourmet Potting Soil Mix         1 cubic foot                                

Milled and screened forest products, peat moss, vermiculite, silica sand and perlite


Garden Gourmet Potting Soil is a high quality soilless mix designed for potted and houseplants that is lightweight, has excellent drainage properies, provides excellent soil aeration, neutral in soil reaction and very good moisture retention. It was formulated for potted and container plants and other applications where soil weight was a consideration.


Use in:

  • container trees for balconies
  • potted plants that need to be moved frequently
  • window boxes
  • rooftop gardens
  • planting bulbs and corms
  • hanging plants
  • propagation beds



Wetting agents help Garden Gourmet Potting Soil Mix to moisten the first time it is wetted. Moist potting soil is easier to work with and helps prevent tender feeder roots from desiccating. Always add water to the container or pot at the same time the container is being filled with potting soil. Cover drainage holes at the bottom of containers with a layer of newspaper until the container has been filled with soil thoroughly wetted. Punch holes in the newspaper to allow water to drain.

Red Star Potting Soil         2 cubic foot                                       
Ground bark, forest products, peat moss, vermiculite, sand, perlite, gypsite

Red Star potting soil is a lightweight soil mix used in planting and replanting houseplants and container plants where weight may be an issue. Potting soils characteristically have excellent drainage but retain moisture.

Use in
  • container trees for balconies
  • potted plants that need to be moved frequently
  • window boxes
  • rooftop gardens
  • planting bulbs and corms
  • hanging plants
  • propagation beds

Garden Gourmet Flower/Fruit & Vegetable Mix       1 cubic foot                  

Milled and screened native forest products, chicken manure, sphagnum peat moss and perlite


Garden Gourmet Flower/Fruit & Vegetable Mix is our highest quality soilless mixture formulated for fruits, vegetables, flowering plants, annuals and perennials. It is focused on vegetables that require a soil medium with very high aeration. It can be incorporated into existing raised beds for improved vegetable performance and increased production.


Use in:

  • Raised Beds
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Flower Beds
  • Strawberries and other small fruits



Spread a 2 - 3" layers of Garden Gourmet Flower/Fruit & Vegetable Mix over the area to be planted. Double dig it into the soil to a depth of 8 to 10 inches. Water the area before planting to make sure the soil is moist. After planting water again thoroughly. Begin fertilizer application about three to four weeks after planting.

Garden Gourmet Tomato Vegetable Raised Bed Soil Mix   1 cubic foot  

Sandy loam soil, milled and screened native forest products, chicken manure, kelp meal and pumice


Use in:

  • Ready to use for raised beds
  • Tomato, peppers, eggplant, beans, peas, melons
  • Small fruits


Garden Gourmet’s Tomato Vegetable Raised Bed Soil Mix is a high quality ready-to-use soil mix formulated specifically for tomatoes and vegetables growing in raised beds. Garden Gourmet Tomato Vegetable Raised Bed Soil Mix provides excellent soil aeration, very good cation exchange capacity for fertilizer retention and excellent drainage. Designed for vegetable gardening, this soil mix can be used for bedding plants and container plants with moderate soil aeration needs.

Garden Gourmet Steer Manure        1 cubic foot                                       

100% Aged Steer Manure

Steer manure is not a fertilizer. However, It is used as "plant food" by millions of farmers. It is a major component in animal-based compost. Steer manure releases its nutrients slowly to plants and helps to rebuild soils.

Soil Preparation:

Before planting, mix into soil one bag per 100 square feet to a depth of 6 inches.

Topdress Newly Seeded Lawn:

After sowing seeds and starter fertilizer, apply 1/8 inch evenly to cover seeds. Use one bag per 150 square feet. 

Topdress Older Lawns and Fall Overseeding:

Apply 1/8 inch deep to older lawns and overseeding for a winter lawn. Use one bag per 150 square feet. 

Use as Mulch:

As mulch use 1 1/2 inch covering over soil. 

Answers to FAQ

27 cubic feet is contained in one cubic yard

Compost weighs about 1500 lb for each cubic yard

A standard-sized pickup can hold 1 1/2 to 2 cubic yards

Cover your load with a tarp so it doesn't blow and then get a ticket

Viragrow now delivers any quantity of bulk compost or soils