Bulk Soil Amendments

Amendments improve the physical or chemical properties of soils and soil mixes. These soil amendments can improve fertilizer retention, improve soil aeration and drainage, decrease the weight of a soil mix, enrich its chemical properties and improve biological activity.

Viragrow Delivers!

Kelzyme     “Rock Dust”                                      Available by the pound or ton

Kelzyme is mined from ancient marine sediments in Northern Nevada. Kelzyme contains a myriad of trace minerals normally eroded during irrigations or cropping cycles. Kelzyme is OMRI approved for organic livestock feed and crop fertilizer/soil amendment. Mineral analysis conducted by Wallace Laboratories in El Segundo, California, is available upon request.

Use for:

  • Adding calcium and trace minerals to heavily cropped soils
  • Adding dozens of soil minerals to soil that were lost from irrigation
  • Renewing soils that were previously productive but yields are diminishing
  • Health suppliement

Perlite                                                                   Available by the cubic foot

Perlite is a lightweight natural product made by expanding volcanic minerals with heat. In soil mixes, perlite improves drainage and prevents soils from compacting.

It is a primary component of lightweight soils. It is commonly used in plant propagation, container plants where weight is a concern, rooftop gardening and hydroponics. It can be used as a substitute for diatomaceous earth for filtering. Perlite is relatively inert, has a very low cation exchange capacity (CEC) and does not retain fertilizer in a soil mix, an important advantage under some growing conditions.

Use for:

  • Soil Mixes where weight is a concern
  • Hydroponics
  • Aeroponics
  • Propagation

Sphagnum Peat Moss                                                SOLD OUT

Sphagnum peat is used in soil mixes to increase aeration, water retention, lower alkalinity (pH) and retain nutrients (increase cation exchange capacity). This can be particularly useful in sandy soils or soil mixes that contain perlite or alkaline soils.

Sphagnum peat moss is used on golf courses, floral arrangements, for hanging baskets liners, orchid production, potting mixes, mushroom cultivation, carnivorous plants such as Venus fly trap, sundews and pitcher plants. It is also used for filtration, and fungicidal and bactericidal properties.

Use for:

  • Lowering soil pH
  • Improving soil moisture holding
  • Improving drainage in soil mixes
  • Improving soil aeration

Vermiculite                                                                           Sold by the cubic foot

Vermiculite is a lightweight natural product made by expanding clay minerals (mica) with heat. In soil mixes vermiculite, like perlite, substitutes for sand in the mineral component of a soil to decrease its final weight, improve drainage and prevent soils from compacting. Unlike perlite, vermiculite has a relatively high cation exchange capacity (100 - 150 meq/100 g) and can retain fertilizer in a soil mix.

Use for:

  • plant propagation
  • seed germination
  • storing bulbs, seed and root crops
  • hydroponics
  • mushroom cultivation
  • heat insulation
  • waste treatment

Zeolite  “Rock Dust”               SOLD OUT              Available by the pound or ton

Viragrow’s zeolite is an extremely pure (96%) clinoptilite-type of zeolite with a high cation exchange capacity (CEC) and water holding capacity. Because it is finely ground it is highly reactive with a high surface activity. Zeolite is used to improve the exchange capacity, fertilizer retention and water retention of a soil mix. Zeolite is also used for odor control, water purification and as an animal feed supplement.

Use for:

  • Calcium supplement
  • Improving cation exchange (fertiilizer retention)
  • Water filtration
  • Odor control