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Viragrow Has Perlite in Bulk & Bags


Viragrow uses and sells horticultural grade perlite (#2) for soil mixes. We have 1.5 & 3 cubic foot bags and cubic yard totes available.

We Have

Tomato Lady Soil Mix in Bulk and Bags

Rejuvenate (Vegan) Soil Mix in Bulk and Bags

MJ Soil Mix in Bulk Only

Viragrow Compost (166) in Bulk and Bags

"Organic" Compost in Bulk


Peat Moss

Landscape Sand

Rock Dust

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Rice Hulls

Natural Rice Hulls. Never parboiled.

Rice hulls decrease weight of a soil mi and keep the soil open for better drainage. Rice Hulls naturally contain silica. Improves soil drainage. Decreases the weight of a soil mix. Decomposes slowly. Use in containers and raised beds.

$55 per cubic yard


Pumice decreases weight of a soil mix.  Volcanic soil amendment with infused air running through it. We use it in our cacti and succulent desert soil mixes.

$7.50 per cubic foot

$160.00 per cubic yard tote

Peat Moss

It's from Canada, where it is regulated and harvested in a sustainable way. Traditional and still very popular. Similar properties to coir but provides better soil acidity. Natural fungicide. Used in specialized soil mixes. Light in weight and decreases the weight of a soil mix. Improves drainage but increases water retention in soils. Small carbon footprint. Used in container soils and germinating seed.

$5.50 per cubic foot

$8.50 per 3.5 cubic foot bag

Tower (245 cubic feet) $553.00

Rock Dust

Viragrow uses Kelzyme., a fossilized sea kelp. Rock Dust replaces soil minerals used by plants soil over time.  Improves vegetable and fruit quality. Used in small quantities in raised beds and containers for improving the quality of vegetables and fruit. Added to all high end soil mixes. Particularly effective in soils that have been cropped heavily.

$0.75 per pound

$670 per ton

Viragrow's Most Popular Mulches

Sequoia Blend Mulch

Beautiful mix of sequoia, cedar and redwood that gives a natural feel and aroma to your landscape. Fresh from lumber mills in northern California.

$40 per cubic yard

Gorilla Hair Mulch

Beautiful and popular shredded redwood and cedar bark. From lumber mills directly to you. Contains cedar oil as a natural insect repellant. Doesn't blow in 70 mph winds!

$55 per cubic yard

Brown, Red, Gold and Black Wood Chips

Color coordinate your landscape! Use colorized wood chips to beautify at prices that will please your pocketbook. Children, pets and plant safe.

$45 per cubic yard

Playground Material

Certified wood chip surface mulch for public and home playground surfaces.

$55 per cubic yard

Pathway Mulch

Popular and attractive alternative to rock for walking paths. Made from decay resistant and aromatic redwood. 

$45 per cubic yard

Deco Bark Mulch, Medium-Sized Mulch

Very popular decorative bark mulch. Chipped from forest bark.

$70 per cubic yard

Deco Bark Mulch, Large-Sized Mulch

Big brother to its medium sized sibling. Great surface texture at longer distances. 

$75 per cubic yard

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Popular Compost

Viragrow (166) Compost

Flagship compost. Very rich mulch used for soil improvement AND as a gentle fertilizer. Addition to raised beds, improving desert soils and planting.  Used as an addition to landscape soils. Used in soil mixes like Garden Soil Mix and Tomato Lady Soil Mix.‚Äč

$40.00 per cubic yard

 Viragrow "Organic" Compost

"New Kid on the Block" compost. Compost used to make Rejuventate Soil Mix.

All Plant. No Animal.

  • $45.00 per cubic yard

Popular Soil Mixes

Viragrow's Garden Soil Mix

Used in school gardens all over Las Vegas

$40 per cubic yard

Picture missing

Viragrow's MJ Soil Mix

Specially formulated soil mix for commercial marijuana and hemp production and other specialty crops grown with REAL soil.

$75.00 per cubic yard

Rejuvenenate Soil Mix

'Vegan' soil mix made with all plant products, no animal products. Used in raised beds for  high quality vegetables and herbs.

$75.oo per cubic yard

Tomato Lady Soil Mix

Las Vegas most beloved soil mix for raised beds growing vegetables, herbs and spices.

$62.75 per cubic yard

$4.50 per cubic foot bag


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  W T D in February

Fruit trees

Fertilize NOW

Use your favorite granular fertilizer or Viragrow compost for better results. Add an iron fertilizer as well. EDDHA iron chelate is best. It is in stock at Viragrow in 1 lb and 5 lb quantities.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Prune fruit trees as soon as leaves drop. Make sure pruners and saws are sharp, adjusted and sanitized.

Pest Control

Dormant oil spraying after  leaves drop. Pick a sunny day with no wind. The most important spray for 2020.


Once a week until mid April



Fertilize fescue lawns in late January or February.


Two or three times a week.


Fescue @ 2 inches and above with a recycling mower. Avoid "bevel cuts" when edging a lawn. Steel edgers Rock!!! Line trimmers suck for edging.


What to Plant Now

Ask for our 12 month planting calendar for vegetables.  Grow them from seed. You still have time to plant radishes, spinach, mustard. leaf lettuce, bush beans, bush snap peas.


Fertilize with nitrogen (21-0-0 or Fish emulsion) once a month. Or spread Viragrow compost on the soil around the plants and water it in. One application feeds the plants slowly for three or four months.


4 times a week

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 Grow Your Landscape Business

Classes taught by RJ's Bob Morris every Monday morning. 

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Our Test Garden

Did you know all of Viragrow's composts and soil mixes are tested before we sell them to you?

"Organic" Plant-Based Soil Mix

$62.75 per cubic yard

$4.75 per cubic foot bag

Compost vs Mulch

Compost is mixed into a soil. Mulch lies on top. Viragrow's composts are unique because they add nutrients to the soil...lots of them!

What is a Soil Mix?

Viragrow Garden Soil is a soil mix. It fills low spots or it can grow vegetables.