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North Las Vegas, Nevada

Supplying a wide range of organic and conventional products for commercial and home horticulture in the Mojave Desert 

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Viragrow's Sequoia Blend Mulch

Beautiful mix of sequoia, cedar and redwood that gives a natural feel to your landscape. Fresh from lumber mills in northern California.

 $40 per cubic yard

Viragrow's Gorilla Hair Mulch

Shredded redwood and cedar. Popular at major hotels and resorts. From lumber mills directly to you. Contains cedar oil as a natural insect repellant. Doesn't blow in 70 mph winds.

$55 per cubic yard

Viragrow's Brown, Red, Gold and Black Wood Chip Mulches

Color coordinate your landscape! Use colorized wood chips to beautify at prices that will please your pocketbook. Children, pets and plant safe.

$45 per cubic yard

Playground Materials Mulch

Certified wood chip surface mulch for public and home playground surfaces.

 $55 per cubic yard

Pathway Mulch

Popular and attractive alternative  for walking paths from long-lasting redwood. 

 $45 per cubic yard

Deco Bark Mulch, Medium -Sized

Very popular decorative bark mulch. Chipped from forest bark.

$65 per cubic yard

Deco Bark Mulch, Large-Sized

Big brother to its medium sized sibling. Great surface texture at longer distances. 

$70 per cubic yard

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"Las Vegas' Best Kept Gardening Secret"

Viragrow Compost

"Our Flagship Compost"
 Invigorates desert Soils 

$36/cu yd
$4.25 /1.5 cu ft bag

"Nuts & Bolts Soil Mix"
Used in School Gardens all over las Vegas

$40/cu yd

"Organic" Compost (Vegan)

"New Kid on the Block"
All Plant. No Animal.

$45/cu yd
$4.75 1.0 cu ft bag

Viragrow's Tomato Lady Soil Mix

Vegas' Most Loved Soil Mix

$62,75/cu yd
$4.50/cu ft bag