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Supplying a wide range of organic and conventional products for commercial and home horticulture in the Mojave Desert 

Viragrow Has Perlite Available in Bulk Quantities


Viragrow uses horticultural grade perlite in soil mixes. But now the same perlite Viragrow uses is available in 1.5, 3 cubic foot bags and cubic yard totes and in several different sizes (grades) as well. Different grades of perlite are used for different reasons including soil mixes, filtration, ulta-lightweight soil for rooftop gardening, improved insulation properties (R values) in concrete and cement block.

We Have

Tomato Lady Soil Mix in Bulk and Bags
Rejuvenate (Vegan) Soil Mix in Bulk and Bags
MJ Soil Mix in Bulk Only

We have Kelzyme Cafe Rock Dust!
Buy it by the Ton or the Pound

Vermicompost (Worm Castings) Available!

What is Vermicompost?
Vermicompost is compost made by worms. A couple of different kinds of worms make the most marketable kinds of commercial compost such as African Night Crawlers (ANC or Eudrillus eugeniae) and Red Wigglers (Eisenia foetida) but any kind of worm will suffice. They all do it. They take uncomposted stuff and break it down into compost by using it for food. That's right! Its "worm poop"! It has some insect control properties. We will post more on this later. We recommend 10% of your soil volume should be vermicompost. Raw worm castings,, screened extremely fine and untreated.

$19.50 per cubic foot 
One cubic foot weighs approx. 26 lb.
That's 77 cents per pound!!!! 

Natural Rice Hulls Availalble

Natural Rice Hulls

Rice hulls are used to decrease weight of soil mixes and improve soil structure. There is very little nutrient value added to the soil when using rice hulls because they breakdown so slowly. These rice hulls come from California rice producers and are not parboiled but have been lightly composted. Parboiling isn't necessary for these weed free rice hulls.

$55 per cubic yard

Pumice Available

What is Pumice?

Pumice is lightweight, porous volcanic rock that is crushed to a small size and mixed into some horticultural soils. We use it for making soils that encourage the growth of cacti and other succulents. It has other uses, too. It is more durable and long lasting than perlite but has many of the same structural properties as perlite in soil mixes.

$160 per cubic yard

Peat Moss Available

Peat Moss

Viragrow's peat moss is brought in from Canada, regulated and harvested in a sustainable way that does not deplete the natural reserves. 

Available in bulk and smaller quantities for making our own soil mixes or making your own recipe.

Rock Dust (Kelzyme Café)
Rock Dust replaces minerals that were taken from the soil through repeated harvests. Rock Dust is not a fertilizer but replenishes missing or depleted non nutrient minerals in the soil.  It is needed in very small quantities but may make a quality harvest versus one that is so-so. Rock Dusts are extremely variable in quality. Viragrow chose this particular Rock Dust because its full of minerals and mined in Nevada from fossilized sea kelp. Recommended rate of application for existing soils 1  1/2 pounds of Rock Dust for each square yard. Larger properties require as little at 3 cubic yards per acre.

$0.75 per pound
$670 per ton

Some of our More Popular Mulch

Viragrow's Sequoia Blend Mulch

Beautiful mix of sequoia, cedar and redwood that gives a natural feel to your landscape. Fresh from lumber mills in northern California

$40 per cubic yard

Viragrow's Gorilla Hair Mulch

Shredded redwood and cedar. Popular at major hotels and resorts. From lumber mills directly to you. Contains cedar oil as a natural insect repellant. Doesn't blow in 70 mph winds

$55 per cubic yard

Viragrow's Brown, Red, Gold and Black Wood Chip Mulches

Color coordinate your landscape! Use colorized wood chips to beautify at prices that will please your pocketbook. Children, pets and plant safe.

$45 per cubic yard

Playground Materials Mulch

Certified wood chip surface mulch for public and home playground surfaces.

$55 per cubic yard

Pathway Mulch

Popular and attractive alternative  for walking paths made from long-lasting redwood. 

$45 per cubic yard

Deco Bark Mulch, Small-Sized

Newer small size of the same popular small and medium - sized bark mulch. 

$70 per cubic yard

Deco Bark Mulch, Medium-Sized

Very popular decorative bark mulch. Chipped from forest bark.

$70 per cubic yard

Deco Bark Mulch, Large-Sized

Big brother to its medium sized sibling. Great surface texture at longer distances. 

$75 per cubic yard

Use the Best!!!
Get it Yourself or Have it Delivered!!!

"Las Vegas' Best Kept Gardening Secret"

Our  Compost

Viragrow (166) Compost

"Our Flagship Compost"
 Invigorates desert Soils 

$36 per cubic yard
$4.25  per 1.5 cubic foot bag

Viragrow's Garden Soil Mix

Used in School Gardens all over Las Vegas
$40 per cubic yard

Viragrow's MJ Soil Mix

Specially formulated soil mix for commercial marijuana production and other specialty crops

$75.00 per cubic yard

"Organic" Compost (Vegan)

"New Kid on the Block"
All Plant. No Animal.

$45 per cubic yard
$4.75 1.0 cubic foot bag

Rejuvenate Soil Mix

All Vegan soil mix made from "organic" compost

Viragrow's Tomato Lady Soil Mix

Vegas' Most Loved Soil Mix

$62.75 per cubic yard
$4.50 per cubic foot bag