1100 East Delhi St
North Las Vegas, Nevada

Supplying a wide range of organic and conventional products for commercial and home horticulture in the Mojave Desert 

Purchase compost and mulch and have it shipped directly to you. Use it or share it.
Compost and mulch available in 75 and 120 cubic yard quantities
For pricing contact us at info@viragrow.com


Yard Compost
75 cubic yard delivery

Composted residential green waste with natural forest products and screened to 1/4 inch minus. No biosolids, animal manure or kitchen waste.

Soil amendment: Mix 50/50 with existing soil
Viragrow Compost
75 cubic yard delivery

Screened to 1/8 inch minus. Full of nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. Certified pathogen-free. Meets EPA requirements for use in residential landscapes, home gardens and orchards. Low

Soil amendment: Mix up to 50/50 with existing soil
Fertilizer: Apply 1 cubic foot for small trees and shrubs, 2 - 3 cubic feet for medium sized trees and shrubs. Large trees and shrubs require 4 to 5 cubic feet. Apply to the top of soil or rock mulch and water it in with a hose.
Lawns and Flower bed: Distribute evenly 1 cubic yard of compost over 1200 square feet.